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In an earlier blog I wrote that the U.S. Coast Guard seized 238,040 pounds of cocaine in 2007. Assuming that figure represents 20% of the cocaine smuggled into the U.S., that means over one million pounds reached the distributors for users in America. John McCain went to Central America and Mexico to seek assistance in stemming the flow of cocaine into the U.S. While that is commendable, it seems to me that we are looking at the wrong end of the pipeline. What we as Americans need to do is cut down on the users here at home. We have made significant inroads against cigarette smoking and a similar approach to cocaine use might yield similar results in the long term. As I stated earlier, the major beneficiaries of our drug addictions are the drug cartels, dictators, and terrorists. In addition, Afghanistan produces about 90% of the world’s poppies used to produce heroin. Finally, if we can’t stop the flow of drugs into the U.S. and the consumption of these drugs, our government should consider de-criminalizing these drugs thereby dropping their street value so significantly that the providers’ profits are slashed. At least they wouldn’t have such huge amounts of money to corrupt our legal system and finance our enemies.

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