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Electric Cigarette Explodes in Florida Man's Mouth

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A Florida man was smoking on an electronic cigarette when a faulty battery caused it to explode in his mouth. He lost some of his front teeth and a chunk of his tongue and suffered severe burns on his face. Fortunately he survived the explosion and resultant fire and was recovering on Wednesday in a hospital burn center in Mobile, Alabama.

Joseph Parker, division chief for the North Bay Fire Department, said: "The best analogy is like it was trying to hold a bottle rocket in your mouth and it went off". Parker reported that: "The battery flew out of the tube and set the closet on fire". The victim was identified from his Facebook page as John Holloway. He was in his home office when the device exploded. A scorched battery case found on a piece of melted carpet appeared to be one for a cigar sized device.

Fire officials said Parker told them he was trying to stop smoking which is why he was using the device.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) posted a warning on its website in October that e-cigarettes were addictive, could contain dangerous chemicals like nicotine, and might encourage children to try other tobacco products. Nothing was said about exploding batteries.

1 Comment

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  1. concerned says:
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    Does anyone know what brand?