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Disgust with lobbyists at GOP Convention

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With Hurricane Gustav bearing down on the Gulf Coast John McCain asked delegates to the GOP convention to tone down their celebrating because it was not appropriate when so many people were suffering the hardship of evacuation and the uncertainty of having homes to return to after the storm. Unfortunately, the the people who most want John McCain to be President, the lobbyists, power brokers, and career politicians,totally ignored his requests. I was disgusted to see on Good Morning America on Monday morning the parties, limos, and Romanesque celebrations thrown for the purpose of insuring access to the politicians who are supposed to serve the people who elected them. One man said on television words to the effect that everyone has hard times sometimes. It wasn’t that they didn’t get it, they didn’t care.

I don’t know what the answer is but I do know that if we can’t elect leaders that will help us take back the country from the vast, well financed influence peddlers we will get what we deserve.